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The Clinic

I am a Laser Aesthetician who has been carrying out skin treatments in Bournemouth since 2010.

Trained by the leading UK Laser manufacturers, Lynton Lasers, I have had the experience of using a variety of their outstanding medical grade equipment for treatments such as skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, tattoo removal & hair removal to name a few. 
I thoroughly enjoy learning and strive to update my knowledge as much as possible. 
I pride myself on providing outstanding customer service and care and it is my aim to ensure that all of my clients feel fully informed while also having realistic expectations for the outcome of their chosen treatments. 


If you are interested in which treatments are available or which will be most suitable for you, I offer FREE consultations and I am always delighted to help.


Let me help you to #lookafteryourskin !

My Mission!

To boost your confidence in your skin while maintaining a natural look.

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